Established in 1986, Excalibur Systems started with an idea, and with a desire to create and achieve. We designed the first ARINC-429 interface card for the personal computer; and we have not looked back since.

Today, Excalibur manufactures hundreds of products for the Avionics Industry. From connectors, cables, couplers and cards to sophisticated and complete systems, our commitment to customer service is legendary. Excalibur has received numerous awards, accolades and commendations for our products and more importantly for our service and support. Excalibur builds and maintains long-standing relationships with our customers, which we refer to as our "partners".


In today's fast paced technology market, it takes more than quality products to enable a company to consistently grow. It takes dedicated employees, who are willing and able to go the extra distance. That is the formula for success at Excalibur. More than seventy five per cent of our 45 employees have been with us for at least ten years. This provides Excalibur with the stability to support and maintain relationships with its partners.

About Excalibur: