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Accessories for the MIL-STD-1553 data bus are as much of an interface as the communication card. Therefore at Excalibur we provide a full line of accessories for the MIL-STD-1553 data bus that include, Box/Inline Couplers, Repeaters, Bus Switches, break out boxes, connectors, terminators, transformers and custom cable assemblies. Excalibur uses only premier quality parts from known manufacturers. We constantly test our products to meet our higher standards.

If you have a need for an accessory product for your card and it is not listed please contact us to see if it is a product we should be supporting.

Excalibur Systems - Accessories
Excalibur Systems - Accessories
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Couplers Box Inline
Bus Switches ESI-R10 ESI-R11 ESI-R12 ESI-R20 ESI-R20D ESI-R21 ESI-R22 ESI-R24 ESI-R27 ESI-R27D ESI-R28 ESI-2310R27 ESI-3310R27
Repeaters ESI-1553RPT-BUS ESI-1553RPT-STUB ESI-1553RPT-SPLIT ESI-1553RPT-S2S ESI-1553RPTM-x Rugged Repeater ESI-1553RPTMil-x Airborne Repeater
Terminators ESI-T78 ESI-T5078 ESI-T501K ESI-T502K ESI-T503K ESI-T6078 ESI-T602K ESI-T603K ESI-T7078 ESI-T702K ESI-T703K ESI-T8078 ESI-T802K ESI-T803K
Cable Plugs ESI-PL155-47 ESI-PL75-49 ESI-PL75-47 ESI-PL75-29 ESI-PL75-29BR
Cable Jacks ESI-CJ70-29 ESI-CJ70-29BR ESI-CJ70-47 ESI-CJ70-49
Barrel and Tee Connectors ESI-AD78 ESI-BN73 ESI-J72D
Bulkhead Jacks ESI-BJ157 ESI-BJ155 ESI-BJ79-29 ESI-BJ78 ESI-BJ77 ESI-BJ76 ESI-BJ75 ESI-BJ73 ESI-BJ72
MIL-STD-1553 Cables M17/176-02 Twinax Cable TWC-78-1 Twinax Cable TWAC-78-1F2 Twinax Cable
Standard Cable Assembly X1AA1BA1-(x) X1DB1-(x) X1AA1-(x) X2BBM-(x) X2AA2-(x) X2AA1-(x) C2FA3DQ-1 ESI-MCB-4-4000
Transformers ESI-T15-1 ESI-T15-1-1 ESI-T15-2 ESI-T15-3 ESI-T15-6 ESI-T15-7 ESI-T15-10 ESI-T15-20 ESI-T15-20-1 ESI-T15-40 ESI-T15-45 ESI-T15-85 ESI-T2725EX
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