ESI-1553RPTMil-x Airborne Repeater

The ESI-1553RPTMil Repeater box was developed for customers who need to extend the existing length of their bus or provide the capability to utilize long stubs or to connect a number of devices to a single stub. The box was implemented using simple signal detection and switching techniques to minimize the delay through the device. Delay through the unit is in the range of typically of 700 nsec. to 900 nsec. maximum. This rugged Repeater has the same selection as our standard version but with MIL-38999 circular connectors and has been tested for rugged environments.

Each connection to the bus is made through the implementation of a bus coupler in various configurations. Standard MIL-STD-1553 transceivers and digital signal processing are utilized to steer and shape the received signals, and retransmit them in the correct direction. Each of the two connections [J1 and J2] is bi-directional. Its type of connection is defined specifically in each configuration as marked on top of the box. A signal received at either connector will enable the signal to flow through towards the other connector. 

P1 provides the power connection to the device which is 12-36 VDC (28V nominal).


Ordering Information: 

Part Number                      Description

ESI-1553RPTMil-BUS           Single channel bus repeater 

ESI-1553RPTMil-STUB         Single channel stub repeater

ESI-1553RPTMil-SPLIT        Single channel stub splitter/extender

ESI-1553RPTMil-S2S           Single channel stub to stub repeater

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